Maintenance & Repair

The equipment used to power and cool your company’s operation is a significant monetary investment. There can be devastating financial and injurious consequences should those operations be interrupted or breakdown.

iWest provides a comprehensive maintenance and repair package that offers options suited to your needs today and as your equipment matures.


iWest works with you to determine when to install your mission critical equipment and where in order to maximize energy efficiency, space efficiency and assure it is easily accessible for maintenance and repair. Our team of professional contractors saves your company time and money by doing the job right to industry-standard specifications.


There is a vast array of power and cooling equipment to navigate through at the onset of a project, making it difficult to determine where to begin. iWest consultants look at every nuance of a business’s operational needs, unique set of problems and space requirements to help guide you through the maze of products. We help you choose the products that support your business today, considering your business as it evolves and grows.

iWest also consults on the proper installation, maintenance and repair of mission critical equipment. We aim to be your mission critical equipment advocate!

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